Old Truth to New Truth

Navigating the path to new ideas…

Old Truth. It was new at one time but it’s been so long I can’t remember when. I don’t know when it went from new to old but I’ve reached the edge of this truth. Thin and brittle, crumbling. No longer a stable place to stand or live. I need to find what is true. True for me and true about me. I won’t find it by standing in this spot staring at Old Truth and all that it’s lacking. I see a road up ahead. This looks like my only option.

I make the jump. From old to unknown. Unsure of what lies ahead. The fear of the unfamiliar stands yawning before me. A gaping wound on this path. Reminds me of darkness and a deep ravine of emptiness. I’ve fallen in before. Tripped up by my fears. Cautiously I approach this breach on the path. Only to find my fear was playing tricks on my mind. The Fear of the Unknown is just a small crack in the road. I step over and keep walking.

The path widens. I lose sight of what was behind. Of what I’m walking away from. It’s what I’ve always known. It’s who I’ve always been. I see a bridge, leading me back to where I came from. The safety of what’s always been. A straight path back to what’s easy. Old Truth is still a known truth and the road before me looks uncertain. Mostly. And swampy and hard. But I think I see a way through. A way past uncertainty. I abandon the Bridge of Comfort and keep walking.

The Swamp of Uncertainty rises up beside me. Foggy and eerie. Speaking to me. Reminding me of all the reasons I should turn back. Why I can’t do this. But I hear the voice of Old Truth trying to bog me down in the quagmire of it’s lies. And I remember I’m not who I was. I CAN do this. I close my ears and keep walking.

I see a road coming up. Leading me away from the swamp. Not sure where it leads and not sure if it’s the right direction but my ears are still closed and the swamp is so close. Alive and breathing down my neck. I’ll walk any direction to get away from the swamp. I step off the path. Heading away from the swamp. This road feels smoother. Maybe this will be an easier path to walk. I uncover my ears. I hear nothing as I walk on. Finally, no more noise but my own mind is silent too. I look around. Taking in the scenery. Admiring the view. Forgetting the troubles behind me. Thinking what a good choice this was, I round the corner and up ahead I see the swamp rising in front of me. Confusion and frustration seep into my ears. I’m back where I started. This easy path was just a Distraction Loop. It was quiet, easy walking but I accomplished nothing. I step back on the hard path, easing past the murkiness of the swamp and keep walking.

The road widens again and I breathe in deeply. Open space and lots of room to walk. But why is the road so wide here? Shouldn’t it be narrower? Am I even on the right path? I’m approaching a detour and quickly take it. Yes, this feels narrow. This is what I’m used to. This must be right. Walking on for quite awhile. Lots of twists and turns. Dead end roads. Leading me around and around. The same bend in the road again and again. Where am I? And where am I headed? This can’t be right. I stumble upon a familiar stretch of road and it leads me back onto the wide path. I take a deep breath and look up to see a sign: DETOUR -> ROAD TO NOWHERE. Well, that’s certainly true. Leaving that behind, I keep walking.

I quickly see a sign up ahead:

Proceed with CAUTION: NARROW road & BLIND curve ahead

Oh great, another narrow road. Just what I need. I slow my steps and approach with care. It’s definitely narrow and the drop on either side of the road is steep, scary and filled with sharp rocks. Can I even pass through? I haven’t come all this way just to fall. I shuffle a few steps and see a guardrail. I grab on and edge forward. What’s around the curve up ahead? Can I keep moving forward if I can’t see? One foot in front of the other. One step at a time. Out of the narrow passageway, around the curve and I keep…wait, what?

Steep Incline? I didn’t know this was coming! Is this the only way? Ok, one foot in front of the other…one step at a time. It worked before, it will work again. Just keep climbing. Stop and rest. Don’t forget to breathe. Just a few more steps. And I made it. Deep breath in and I keep walking.

I look behind me as I come around the Corner of Discovery and I can see the end of the road. Just up ahead. I pick up the pace. Anxious to arrive at my destination. I see a sign on the side of the road:


I didn’t even realize I was carrying trash but looking inside my bag tells me otherwise. I exit the road and dumping my bag upside down, out comes a wrinkled wad of insecurity and fear covered in Old Truth residue. Into the trash it goes, followed by scraps of old checklists, a busted compass and an outdated Old Truth map from when Old Truth had been a new truth. Trash, trash and more trash. With a lightened load and only the necessities in my bag, I head back to the path and keep walking.

Another sign up ahead:

Be Aware! Approaching Exit!

I round the corner, heading towards New Truth and I’m anticipating a brilliantly, dazzling place to end my journey. But instead I see another sign:


Look inside what? My bag? What could possibly be in there that would have anything to do with New Truth? I open my bag and looking inside, I’m sure that all I’ll find is the bare necessities that were there before. To my surprise the old faithful necessities are still there but with new, shiny labels:


I look up feeling a little confused and below the New Truth sign in smaller print, I see:

This truth of who you are has been with you all along. Old Truth had to be left behind and all of it’s debris cleared out to make room for you to see the REAL truth with NEW eyes. New Truth is who you were created to be from the very beginning.

I close my bag and hold it tightly against my chest. Filled with gratitude for old truths released and real truths newly surfaced, I breathe in the fresh air of change and keep walking.

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Author: emilymgalvan

Jesus follower. Wife and mom. My heart's desire is to be used by God. To live out the plan and purpose He has set out for me. To shine His light in the darkness. "Although my memory's fading, I remember two things very clearly: I am a great sinner and Christ is a great Savior." -John Newton

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