Below is a list of all of the blogs I have written if you’re interested in reading what I’ve been writing about. I’ve included the first couple of lines from each blog just to give a quick glimpse into what the blog is about. Thank you for taking the time to read the words I’ve shared here. I pray you are encouraged and inspired to shine your bright light in the darkness!

Still Waters … A Slow Walk Through the Psalmsa verse by verse walk through the Psalms.

Open Hands • Overflowing Heart – (Part 2 of the Empty Hands • Full Heart blog.) Releasing my people like butterflies in the wind. To be free from my expectations. To be who they need to be.

Fly HigherA poetry post from my perspective about freedom & flying.

Breaking Down My Break-Up Song – (Food addiction) Breaking up is hard to do…

Empty Hands • Full Heart – Thoughts on parenting and the struggle of holding on while letting go.

Turned Inside OutThe unlearning of people-pleasing…

Back Side of the Moon – Looking beyond the clouds to find the bright side.

Walking a Path of Promises – Breaking down the AA Big Book Promises. Sharing my experience, strength and hope.

Love, Not Food – A few thoughts on love, chocolate and Valentine’s Day from a recovering food addict.

Worthy Of… New Wallpaper – An unconventional title for a potentially controversial topic…

TBT Post: Aiding and ObeyingWho did God use to bring about the transformation in Saul’s life?

Emotional Dependency – Who am I depending on to feel loved, worthy and enough?

Know Yourself. Like Yourself. Be Yourself. We all need to know who we are and who we aren’t.

Living in the Valley – Redefining life in the valley. What it means and what it looks like.

Every Day ResolutionsTaking what I learned in 2018 into 2019. Resolved to keep learning, letting go and love. Every day.

Redefining Joy – What can I expect from joy? What does it look like and where can I find it?

Building A Life – What does a life made whole and complete by God look like?

12 Days of Christmas: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Look for the Light – In my seasons of darkness, there is light to be found if I’m willing to look for it.

Rhythms of GraceLet go, trust, follow, live loved, give love.

Grateful for Christmas Music An unexpected blessing on this road of recovery…

Fight Our BattlesEyes closed. Hands raised. Heart open. This is how I fight my battles.

If I Knew Then… – Its so cliché to say “if I knew then what I know now” because I only know now what I didn’t know then through the hard times and what they taught me.

Courage to Serve – Every day is a great day to say thank you to the courageous men and women who serve & have served our country. Every day is also a great day for you & me to ask ourselves, “Where can I serve? Who can I help?”

One Light in the Line of Faith – I’ve only been given one light in this life and it feels so small but God is showing me how He can use one person to change the course of history.

Heart in the CloudsWhat do we do when God is silent?

Subtle Sunset – God is in the vivid colors of calamity splashed across our lives and also in the subtle, whispered word spoken gently over our shoulder.

Step Out of the WavesI’m done being held down, held under or held back. I am free.

Duck & Cover: Retreat from anxietyThis was written in response to my previous post, Stolen Problems and answers the question, “How do I deal with the storm of anxiety while I’m waiting for it to pass?”

Stolen ProblemsMy struggle with anxiety has been real over the last 2 days. Just about the time I think I’ve got a handle on something, it rears it’s ugly head and lying mouth. This blog is a little bit of journaling that I did to work it out.

Best Gift Ever – What is the best gift you’ve ever received?

Grieving Into New Life Letting go to pass from old to new.

Act As If“Act as if” is a phrase I’ve learned in Overeaters Anonymous and is used in all 12 step recovery programs. It encourages us to act as if you’re courageous even if you’re scared. Or act as if you’re strong even if you’re feeling weak. Or act as if you’re calm even if you’re anxious.

Fall FeelingsI’m feeling nostalgic this morning. It’s raining and gray outside. I’m burning a pumpkin candle, drinking caramel apple coffee and listening to the new Scotty McCreey album.

Live Like You’re Alive No more time for playing dead!

Paper and PurposeHow writer’s blocked turned into a small life lesson…

Filled Up and Poured OutAllowing God to fill me up and pour me out. This is what living loved looks like.

Spit in my Life – Yesterday morning I was reading the Daily Bread devotional and the scripture reading was out of Mark 8:22-26. I’ve read this story and similar ones more times than I can count but never before have I stopped and thought about the spit.

Toxic FriendsHave you ever had a toxic friend or relationship? I have experienced a toxic relationship with a friend I’ve had my whole life.

Funks … Feelings … FreedomI’ve been in a funk yesterday and today. Yesterday I was irritable, agitated and easily frustrated all morning into the afternoon for no reason that I could put my finger on. Everything was getting under my skin.

A House that God (Re)Built – This morning I was reading over some note cards that I’ve written some meaningful verses on over the last 6 months. God gave me a fresh message over these particular verses (Psalm 51:10-12).

Insides and Outsides – For those of you who don’t know, I started a journey about 3 months ago looking to find better emotional and mental health for myself. I was depressed, discontent, hopeless and empty.

Chosen…by Who? – I was reading today’s “Our Daily Bread” – Belonging about God being our Father and the corresponding scripture, Isaiah 44:1-5. As I was taking some time to ponder these verses, God took me on a little scripture journey to remind me of who He says I am and also what He says about whose I am.

A Work that Counts – On Wednesday we dropped our oldest daughter, Acacia, off at her very first overnight camp with the youth group at our church. 4 nights away from home and she made the decision to go this year even though she knows no one her age yet at youth group. (Insert all the anxious Mom feelings here.)

A Controversial Grace – I’ve been reading a book called Loveable by Kelly Flanagan. I’m only half way through it but my thoughts about my worth and my value have already been transformed by the powerful truths in this book. My eyes have been opened to how very early on in our lives the truest version of ourselves gets misshaped, overlooked, forgotten and defeated by the voice of shame.

Memory of a Song – Have you ever come across a song that used to mean so much to you at one time? I listened to this song today (Kirk Franklin – I Am God) and it immediately took me back to 10 years ago.

Scared Step of Faith – Darkness above me * And heavy around me * Fear inside me * “God, give me courage!” * I take the first step * And slowly look around…

Lasts and Firsts – The lasts and the firsts * And they’re all happening too quickly * And these kids are growing too fast * Pretty soon they’ll be gone…

Fatherless on Father’s Day – How is it possible to grieve the loss of someone I’ve never met? I’ve asked myself this question many times over the last almost 16 years of marriage to Jason, my husband.

Father’s Day Reflections – What is it about Dads & daughters that always gets me? Is it because my own relationship with my Dad hasn’t always been good that I have such a tender place in my heart on the subject? Or maybe because it’s a picture of my relationship with God as my Father?

Stones From My Mother – Standing on the shore. * Gazing out over the stream of my life. * Watching water wrinkle and roll in many different places…

Out of Control – Fists clenched. Teeth gritted. Pride up. Guard down. * Prayers left unanswered or answered with a NO. So I’ll go my own way. Do my own thing because I got this…

Waiting for Spring – Standing steady * Unmoving and * Unwavering * Appearing as dead…

A New Thing…A New Name – I was reading Genesis 17 last week – God making a covenant with Abram changing his name to Abraham and God changing Sarai’s name to Sarah promising her a child. Immediately I thought of Saul becoming Paul and then the question, “Why does God give new names?”

Healing Deeper – Thinking about healing tonight. Old wounds. Past hurts. No matter how many times we’ve talked about a hurt there are always deeper levels of healing to be revealed.

Resolve to Live – 12/31/16. Last day of 2016. Looking back over the last 365 days and looking forward to the next 365 days. Thinking about my New Year’s resolutions and whether it’s even worth it or not. Thinking about how to hold on to all that I so desperately need to bring with me into 2017 and trying to figure out how to let go of everything holding me back that I somehow keep dragging with me.

A Glimpse in the Dark – The sky is dark. The wind blows past me with the fierceness of time moving too quickly for me to stop. Images are carried in the wind. Familiar scenes from days long gone run by me in a flash.

T.L.C. – I’ve been thinking a lot about my Grandma Mac today as I have been on this day every year for the past 16 years. Normally on this day I think back on my favorite memories, spend some time missing her and crying a little bit but today I started thinking about how my world was completely rocked when she passed away.

Don’t Go Back to Egypt – I was reading Numbers 13-14 this morning which tells the story of Moses sending out 12 men to explore the land of Canaan to see what the land held in store for them when they took possession of it. When the men returned to report to Moses & Aaron 10 of the men were filled with fear as they described all of the enemy groups living in & around Canaan. Caleb was the only one who spoke up and said, “We should go up & take possession of the land, for we can certainly do it.”

Walking in Circles – What do you do when you’ve prayed believing that God would bring freedom and healing but none of that seems to be happening? What do you do after He answers in big, miraculous ways and we praise Him for the scales falling from our eyes and the chains breaking from our hearts only to find that we’re still blind and bound? What then?