Lasts and Firsts

The lasts and the firsts
And they’re all happening too quickly
And these kids are growing too fast
Pretty soon they’ll be gone
And the first day of Kindergarten will only be a distant memory
Can we slow down time just a little bit?
I want to hold you closer and longer
And keep you small
But you just keep growing taller and running farther
It’s more than this Mama’s heart can handle
And I’m reminded they were never mine to keep forever
All they’ve ever been are precious gifts
Entrusted to us for just a handful of years
To shape and form
To mold and grow
To love and hold
To give every bit of ourselves until we think we’ll break
And then find the strength to give a little more
This tug of war that holds too tight while letting go
Until at last they’re out the door
And on their own
Leaving us looking back on
The firsts and the lasts
Every frustration and every accomplishment
The good and the bad
The ups and the downs
They are what our memories are made of
Keep making the most of each one today
And every moment in between

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