Stones from My Mother

To my Mom on Mother’s Day. Thank you for always praying, loving, believing and encouraging.


Standing on the shore.

Gazing out over the stream of my life.

Watching water wrinkle and roll in many different places.

Looking inside the ripple in front of me, I see a sword shaped stone.

Reaching down, I pick it up.

Noticing the unusual shape but now also seeing a word on the stone: Prayers.

Envisioning my Mom, bowed down before the throne of the Most High God.

Waging war on her knees, on my behalf.

Fighting an unseen battle for my salvation, my protection, my choices, my struggles, my life.

Dropping the stone back into the stream, the ripple rolls on.

Glancing into another wave.

Seeing a red, heart shaped stone.

Picking it up, I see these words: Legacy of Love.

Flashing before my eyes, a picture of my Mom, my Grandma, myself, my daughters.

Intertwining before me, an unbroken circle of love from generation to generation.

Letting this stone fall into the water, I look for another.

Catching my eye is a large, brown stone.

Having a wood-like pattern, shaped like a cross.

Feeling the weight of this stone, I read these words: Foundation of Faith.

Sensing a change beneath my feet, I look down to see the grass has turned to rock.

Hearing these words sung by my Mom:

“On Christ the solid rock I stand. All other ground is sinking sand.”

Tumbling heavily from my hand, the stone splashes back into the stream.

Moving further down, I see the water moving tumultuously.

Leaning over, I cautiously pull up a dark stone.

Appearing to be shaped like a storm cloud, with these words: Teenage Turmoil.

Turning the stone over in my hand, I find a rainbow on the back.

Playing in my memory are these words my Mom said to me many years ago and many times since:

“Love is a choice. Every day we choose to love. Even when it’s hard.

Especially when it’s hard.

God didn’t say it would be easy but He promised He would always be with us.”

Thinking back on how she chose to love me when I was most unlovable, I gently drop the stone.

Rippling the water rolls and waves before me.

Pondering the stones in my own stream.

Making me who I am today.

Shaping who I continue to become.

Looking up and around, I notice more streams than just my own.

Reaching into my pocket, I pull out a handful of stones.

Reading these words: Quality Time, Planting Seeds, Words of Life, Intentionally Invest, Hug More, Give Grace

Turning away from my own stream.

Walking towards the waters surrounding me.

Spotting my own daughters as they watch the ripples before them.

Pulling from my pocket, I softly drop stone after stone into the streams of their lives.


Walking in Circles

My heart was heavy with questions this morning. After praying (and talking to my Mom), God reminded me of this simple truth and these words came pouring out. I’m praying it will be an encouragement if you’re facing a similar struggle today.

What do you do when you’ve prayed believing that God would bring freedom and healing but none of that seems to be happening? What do you do after He answers in big, miraculous ways and we praise Him for the scales falling from our eyes and the chains breaking from our hearts only to find that we’re still blind and bound? What then?

Were our prayers for nothing? Did we not believe enough? Were we hoping in vain? My head says nothing is wasted in God’s economy but my heart is breaking for all that is, all that could be and all we thought God was doing. So, what now?

That’s the question rolling around in my heart this morning. What now, God? And I hear Him say, “Keep walking. One step at a time.”

The path ahead is surrounded by darkness but God provides enough light to see the next step. The road is muddied with our tears. The heart break and agony is pouring from our eyes to the ground beneath our feet but we keep walking. Each step forward is a step towards Jesus. Each step says, “I am for Jesus” and it may not make sense to our limited vision but if Jesus is calling us forward, who are we to question His methods?

We look around and see destruction, chaos, sadness & broken families but Jesus says, “Keep your eyes on Me.” And so we do. We walk, we pray, we cry and we cling to the hope that God will use every bit of it. In His time. In His way. One step at a time.